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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a bit about myself. First I'm a wife then a mother of two (a 5 & 1yr old). I love to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions really just about everything, lol! I want to be a positive motivation by sharing what I go through. You never know what I'll post, believe me, sometimes I blow my own mind. Having children = never a dull moment. Through it all I try to take one day at time remembering to keep breathing through it all :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Goals for the week of Sept. 1st

Long time no posting huh? 

I don't have many goals this week or month but never the less I still have some. 

1) Work out 3x this week. 
2) Cut coupons. 
3) Write down finances. 
4) Sell a few items. (baby items) 

1) Make a braclet. 
2) Sew something, anything, everything, lol! 
3) Eat lunch with my daddy 3X this month. 
4) Learn more about nutrition. 

What's on your goal list for this week or month or even your year? 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

It's in the genes...

   A few weeks ago on a Wednesday night service the children had an evening of Build with Pastor Paul. They built bird houses and about 2 weeks afterward we were speaking with Pastor Paul and he explained how Mikey was so comfortable with a hammer he shouldn't be building birdhouses he should be building bookcases with him! We just laughed because that really is Mikey. He loves tools and always wants to help and build when ever he can. My grandfather was a builder so I immediately thought of him. I remember being with my grandmother and taking my grandfather lunch while he was working. He was always dirty, his clothes would have cement all over them. At one time my grandfather had his own construction company. So building is in my kids blood and I'd just love for one of them to take up an occupation in that field. My grandfather even built the house they lived in after theirs was destroyed by a hurricane. It always amazing me how the smallest comment or action can trigger new emotions or bring up old memories. I love and miss my grandfather and until I spoke with Pastor Paul, I kinda of just forgot about him. I know this sounds really bad but it's true. We go on with our everyday lives and sometimes just don't stop to relive great memories and share them with our loved ones here.

Here's a pic of my little ones from this morning...

@Lowes Build N Grow event

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Getting my peace back...

   Sometimes I let my feelings take over me and even though it's not good, I do. I'm human and I want things just like everyone else. But reality, we are not everyone else! When you scroll through FB or other forms of social media your emotions can get the best of you at times. We can't do everything we may want to do but it's ok. We make a sacrifice now for our children that will pay off later. I was scrolling through FB and came across a post about a little boy that was left at the Cowboy Stadium while on a tour with his daycare and it hit me, that's why you stay home and do what you can for your family because no one will watch your child like you will. God spoke to me and as I'm writing this I feel peace again in my heart. My peace and joy were trying to be taken from me but God has me covered and no one can touch me. Sometimes I need a reminder and this did it for me.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Goals for week of Aug 10th

   I'm up in the middle of the morning so instead of just laying here in gonna write. (I really rather be sleeping though.) I didn't write last Monday but I hope you guys still had a productive week. This get straight to the point here, GOALS!!! 

1) Take the kids for a walk 2x this week.
2) Workout 3x this week. (I've struggled with this one all summer.) 
3) Cut & reorganize my coupons.
4) Meal prep (make beans for the week,  cut lettuce & a few tomatoes) 
5) Write down expenses ( trying something new with our finances) 

This week regarding our food we (hubby and I) will be going for a goal of eating salads Monday- Friday. I want us to lay off of meat & poultry this week. 


Cold cuts with chips
Ramen noodles
Sandwiches with fruit

Taco Salad
Rice w/beans
Salad (twice this week) 

Once again keep it basic!!!!!!  I say this consistently but it's a reminder to you and myself, you'll feel more accomplished at the end of the week if you do. If your single parent, stay at home parent or extremely busy it's the small goals accomplished that will lead to accomplishments of greater goals. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

How I contribute to the household finances

   We all know being a SAHP (stay at home parent) doesn't bring in any money, no big secret there right? Just because you don't have a form that comes in weekly or even every two weeks with your name and s.s. number on it doesn't mean you can't bring some money in or help with your financial situation! Come on your a stay at home parent,  you got this! So I'm going to explain what I do, embrace yourself ok, ready, here I go.......

1) Price match
Pretty basic here. I price match at my Walmart when ever I can. My hubby doesn't do this and the reason I say when ever I can is because it's about a 20 minute drive for me to get this done. Yes I know it's a little out of my way but the savings I get seem worth it for me. Now this option won't work for everybody but since I live in the DFW area it does because of the variety of stores we have. 

I'm not a extreme couponer but I do coupon. I only buy four papers per week which for me works. We are a family of four and we live in an apartment so our space is limited and if I were to buy more papers depending on the item, I wouldn't have room for the stuff. So if you have a bigger family and or more space then buying more papers may work for you. I have saved hundreds if not thousands by using coupons and working off of sales. If your in the DFW area I can give you the info on the class I took which she has her personal blog on FB where her students post deals and scenarios, extremely helpful. This is how I've scored good deals by looking at what other people have posted. Join FB groups,follow people on Instagram, or look at couponing websites. (I'll make a list of a few websites on the bottom.) 

3) Meal plan
This is fairly easy. You look into the fridge, pantry, under the cabinets, on the floor, where ever you have your food and make a list of what can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. How many times have you looked into the fridge or freezer and have said, "We have nothing to eat!" What does this normally lead too.... Going out to eat or running to the store to make a meal. Which can lead to spending more money then you expect. 

As you can tell number one, two, and three go together. If you work off of sales and use coupons you save money then you meal plan based off of what is on sale to extend your dollar. So if chicken, tortillas & cheese are on sale then you can have; chicken enchiladas, chicken chalupas, chicken soap, grilled chicken, chicken strips, or arrroz con pollo (chicken and rice). If popcorn is on sale then you buy enough popcorn to get you through for a couple of weeks. Of course if you have the room and money! Never go over your budget just because but try to balance them out. 

Non traditional ways: 

4) Swagbucks
Now this I love because it's simple. You go online to look things up but which search engine do you use? Bing, Google, etc etc. Why not sign up for Swagbucks. I have Swagbucks set up as my home page so when I open the internet it comes straight up and I "search" for whatever I'm looking for. It's the same as using Google or Bing or which ever web search site you use but this one gives you points then in turn you earn gift cards. Last year I only earned $40 which my goal this year is to earn double. If you follow them on FB they give out codes you enter on their site which earns you points. You can do surveys, poll questions , print coupons and watch videos to earn points. The more time you have on your hands they more points you can earn. Please click on the link below... http://www.swagbucks.com/p/register?rb=9181596

5) Shopkicks
Now this is an App you can download which will give you points for entering stores (walk-ins), scanning products (scans) and/ or purchases. This is really easy. When you are about to enter a store you open the app and if you get points for walk ins it will detect your location and viola, points. Once you open the app and it detects our location you are able to see what items you can scan to get more points. Sometimes it doesn't always work the way I want it to but it usually does. Oh and sometimes the store doesn't even have the item your looking for, talk about frustrating. Hey I get frustrated only because I'm really trying to get all the points I can! Overall though, I really enjoying using this app! It's a must try!!!! Here's my referral link.. http://get.shopkick.com/star40055

6) Checkout 51, Ibotta, & Snap by Groupon
These are also apps that can be downloaded but are a little different that Shopkicks. They provide money back on different items that change on a weekly basis. Example; this week on Checkout 51 you can earn .25 for either the purchase of a pineapple, garlic, potatoes, avocados or bananas. On Ibotta you can earn .20 on lettuce. And on Snap you can earn $2.00 for purchasing 2 packs of Pur gum. Once again every week the items will change and these are the items that are currently offered to me. You may think .25 or .20 is nothing but if your buying bananas why not get .25 back?

In my mind set every penny counts! If you collect all your change for one year you really don't know how much you'll have. Every single penny (.20) will add up before you know it.

Once again this is what I do and I've only written about it because I know it works. I would never want to tell you about something that doesn't work. I can't guarantee any financial amount, it can be more or less.  In no way am I being compensated for endorsing theses apps.

Websites: www.krogercrazy.com

If you are using any other money making apps let us know. Sharing is caring!!! :)

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Getting back to my goals... wk of July 27th

I need accountability! There really is no way around it, I wish there was but I need that push. 

Here we go:

Workout 3X this week.
Clip my coupons. 
Meal plan (which I'm hoping to do right after this if my little stays asleep!) 
Sell/ Pack items to donate. 

That's all folks... I'm keeping it short since I'm going to try to get back on this game. Next month (ooh, that's this weekend, yikes) I will get back on my monthly goals. I know there are a few things I'd like to accomplish like sewing! Yeah, I still haven't sewn anything since I've got my machine. There is something just wrong about that! I appreciate it greatly but just haven't done anything, I'm a little embarrassed.  

Ok, so I decided to stop doing this and look to see what we have for food for the week. 
Here's my list:

Cereal (Almighty faithful) 
Toaster strudel

Mac N Cheese

Apple Sauce
Fresh Fruit
PB & J sandwich

Roast (this was last nights supper) 
Pork Chops (tonight's supper) 
Taco Salad
Chicken (Grilled or baked chicken strips, that's what I 'm thinking) 
Ground beef  (not to sure what to make with this yet, maybe enchiladas, mmm) 


This isn't set in the daily stone but it's something, lol. I took pork chops out but soup and salad sounds good, so I may change it..... Having a food plan ready helps save money by not getting a headache trying to figure out what your having for the day. When I make a list I tend to use whatever I have in the kitchen. :) Have a great week and set your goals! Happy planning...