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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a bit about myself. First I'm a wife then a mother of two (a 5 & 1yr old). I love to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions really just about everything, lol! I want to be a positive motivation by sharing what I go through. You never know what I'll post, believe me, sometimes I blow my own mind. Having children = never a dull moment. Through it all I try to take one day at time remembering to keep breathing through it all :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

To like or not to like???

   Support - Give approval, comfort, or encouragement too. 

 Are there some people in your circle that don't give you support? It can be family, a close friend or friends. Sometimes the ones we expect to support us 100% they don't. Why is it a "stranger" can "like",  "follow",  listen or look but the ones that are suppose to matter the most don't? Is it jealousy at its finest? What emotions do you experience? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Goals for week of 10/20

   We made it to church on Sunday even though I didn't wake up feeling 100% I made. After church I was done. We stopped got me medicine and I went to sleep about 12:30 until 6:30 pm. Now to today, still not feeling good but I pushed through. The life of a stay at home mom, no days off!

Weekly goals
1) Try to get a workout buddy
2) Workout once this week 
3) Get caught up on my couponing (I haven't clipped my coupons for about 2/ 3mnth! Yikes) 
4) Start looking for items needed for Halloween costumes
5) Go to church

3)Stick to what works!
4) Meal plan every week

Monday, October 13, 2014

Goals for week of 10/13

So we didn't get our tent this weekend but we did today. And Sunday we made it to church!!! 
Last weeks goals met. 

This week my goal is to make it everywhere on time! 

Yes I have problems making it places when I'm suppose to. I try not to be more then 10 minutes late though. I've gotten a lot better over the years but with lil man it can be a real struggle. He can be a mommas' boy & requires a ton load of attention so walking out the door can take up to 30 minutes for me. You may be laughing but it's happen to me, no lie! This week I/we have a PTA meeting, field trip & campout. Yep, it's a busy week for me. Really excited though for my daddy this week, he gets two 1st in one week. Oh almost forgot I got to get our lunch for the field trip. What are some of your plans this week? 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goals for week of 10/6

Goal time...

I actually wrote these out on Monday & never posted, my apologies. Yes, I know it's Thursday by I still wanted to share :)

My goals are going to be the same from last week since I wasn't able to accomplish them.
1) Get a tent by Friday
2) Go to church 

We were going to buy the tent on Saturday but unfortunate my plans had to change. We also missed church, it's ok, we'll be Sunday!! Next week will have more goals. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Goals for week of 10/1

I know its late but here are my goals from last week. 

It's October 1st and I'm ready to get back to me. I haven't focused on me in a while due to some personal issues & excuses! But, no more. I have a weight goal in mind & a few other goals I need to bring to the for front. With the New Year right around the corner it's time to get started. So with that said lets go.

1) go to Church
2) Buy a tent

1) Focus on me

1) Lose 30 lbs.
2)  Be & stay organized