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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a bit about myself. First I'm a wife then a mother of two (a 5 & 1yr old). I love to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions really just about everything, lol! I want to be a positive motivation by sharing what I go through. You never know what I'll post, believe me, sometimes I blow my own mind. Having children = never a dull moment. Through it all I try to take one day at time remembering to keep breathing through it all :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Every Child is Gifted

     This is something I'm learning/experiencing everyday. When we learned we were expecting are thought was "Oh we got this!" Boy were we wrong, no doubt about it. We absolutely love your Bud Bud but he's a challenge. He is nothing like your daddy (our oldest). Our daddy was quite, when we spoke to him he'd listen, he's careful, shy and reserved. You Bud Bud is LOUD, unstoppable, outgoing but very smart at an early age. The things he does Daddy wasn't doing until he was older. Our daddy is smart too but I hear your second "grows up faster" in a sense and it's because they have a role model (their older sibling) and those sayings are right. At least for us it is. You hear a lot when your pregnant about kids regarding what they do, what its going to be like, how kids are, etc but you never know for sure. Daddy was/is so much like his dad we pretty much know how he is going to react in almost every situation. Don't get me wrong he still surprises us at times. Now our Bud Bud on the other hand, we always hope/pray for the best sometimes he surprises us but not very often. We try speaking nothing but positives when it comes to him. I'm starting to see big changes with him though, he seems to be listening slightly better and he certainly understands well! I've also started doing time outs with him so things are looking up. We are not going to speak Terrible Twos, we are going to call them Terrific Twos. (My friend use to say that, I'm stealing it from her. LOL) Every child is different and you have to learn how to handle them in the manner that best suits their personality. Happy Parenting!!!!

Found this on Pintreset.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Today's shopping trip (groceries for week of 12/29)

    Here are the groceries I purchased for this week. I spent way more then usual but we really needed a few things. I haven't done too much shopping as it was Thanksgiving then Christmas. The time really flied by and we ate everything we had. I have purchased a few items here and there but nothing big. So here it goes and I'll also give a few meal planning ideas too.

$99.07 spent 

Here is what I purchased.

Meats                                                                                                Other Items
2 Pkg of chicken                                                                               Tortillas
2 pkg of roast                                                                                    Bread
1 pkg of pork chops                                                                         Ritz crackers
2 pkg of sausage                                                                               1 bx of popcorn
2 pkg of bacon                                                                                  1 pkg of cheese
2 pkg of hot dogs                                                                             Cumin                                                                        2 pkg of sandwich meat                                                                  1 pkg of gum
2 cans of chili

Fruits & Veggies                                                                              Drinks
3 pkg of blackberries                                                                      4 cases of water (not pictured)
Bananas                                                                                            Oj
Avocados                                                                                        Breakfast
Grapes                                                                                             4 bxs of cereal
Grape Tomatoes                                                                             Baby Items
Pears                                                                                                 Diapers

On to meal ideas!!!

This week it will consist of cereal. (We already have grits, pancake mix & eggs.)

Lunch meat w/crackers
Sausage w/ rice
                                                                                              Things we already have at home are eggs
                                                                                              rice, beans, potatoes & left over Turkey  
Snacks                                                                                  (from Christmas)

Chicken Tortilla soup
Pork Chops
Rice and Beans
Chicken tostadas
Carne Guisada
Chicken enchiladas
Turkey enchiladas (Turkey from Christmas)
Grilled chicken
Chili (you can use turkey or chicken)

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Goals for the week

  I know it's Thursday but I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't forgotten about goals. This week didn't start the way I thought it was going and I just never made it to the computer. Sunday evening I thought I was going to go to the gym on Monday and take it from there. Last Friday my body just needed a break so I took some medicine and laid it down. Saturday we ran some errands and Sunday I stayed home all day. Mike took the kids out so I was able to get a lot of cleaning done since it wasn't given any attention during the week. I felt pretty good feeling there was some form of accomplishment. Monday morning daddy woke up with a fever so plans went out the window. He started doing better then that evening he got slight fever so we decided he would stay home Tuesday. Tuesday we got a fever again and then Tuesday night he reached 103.8. He hadn't had a fever that high since he an infant. Mom freaked out a bit but I had to pull it together quickly. It wasn't easy as I had tears coming down my face while my son was crying from aches, chills, and a high fever. Feeling helpless is one of the worst feelings. We took him into the doctor only to find out he has the flu. Then today (Wednesday) our Budbud woke up with a fever. We are taking him to the doctor in the morning, hopefully this passes over fast. When it was just Mike and I, sickness would go away in about a week. Now with a family it takes a month to a month in a half before it runs it's course through all of us!

On to my goals though. As far as last weeks goals; I didn't workout twice nor clip my coupons but we did get the kids wish list completed. I took the tree out Monday and decorated it (it has no lights but hopefully they will be on this weekend).  I looked at Pinterest and there are some things I would like to do with the kids for the holidays and other things Id like to do for decorations. This year I don't really have a theme, I just want it colorful and exciting.

This weeks goals are
1)  To workout once
2) Clip and organize my coupons

Let me know what your plans are for this week or for the month. However you set your plans/ goals it's whatever works for you :)

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Our daddy's first parade....

  Tonight was the Christmas Parade and we couldn't have been prouder of our daddy. He's always been shy and we are use to it and we're okay with him being that way. Before tonight we talked and I explained that he would need to wave while riding on the float. It didn't settle well with him so I told him he didn't have to ride on the float. That wasn't an option for him. You always pray and hope for the best but kids are kids and times they just won't do what you'd like them to do. When he came home he said a few of his friends said they would be riding on the float and he was overly excited. We got to the float and none of his friends were there but it didn't bother him. Finally three of his friends made it and his excitement grew. He knew he was going to be riding without either one of us and he was okay. We ended up with some extra room so a few of us mom's jumped on and started waving. I wasn't near my daddy but I could see a smile on his face and he waved his little hand out there the entire route!  I wished I would've gotten a picture of him but dad was walking in the back and I was in the back of the float :( When we were all done and couldn't help but to hug and squeeze him with excitement for him doing something he initially didn't want to do. He's slowly coming out of his shell.
Our daddy waving..

Front of the float. 
Attachment to airplane. 
Side view. 

Dad walking behind. 
 Even our Budbud did great! That was a relief. 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Goals week of Dec 1st

  Being Thanksgiving last week I didn't think too much about goals so that's why I didn't make a post. I wanted to workout 3x last week and I made it to the gym 4x and walked around one day. So I'm proud of myself. I'm not going to lie I was ready to eat last Thursday and I did, lol! I gained a pound but its all good. But on to this week. 

1) Workout 2x this week
2)Clip my coupons  
3) Get our tree out
4) Figure out X-mas decorations
5)Look for X-mas projects for the kids 
6) Work with Mikey to get his X-mas list done 

My workouts this week I'm going down to 2x this week just because I'm not feeling 100% . I'm still going to push myself as its a lifestyle not a hobby. 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friends move away

   I don't know why but I'm always writing in the" middle of the night". I'm what I call a night person and this is the only alone time I have so my brain keeps going and going and going. As I read a friends few post this evening from the past couple of days it brought me to tears to read. Sometimes we do forget the little things and what effects our kids. Today I was brought to tears with my own son as today was one of his friends last day of school as he is moving to another school. He tells me, "Mom I'm going to miss him so much." It completely broke my heart as I had no clue what to tell him. This little boy was the sweetest thing. When I went to my daddy's field trip I had the pleasure to meet/chaperone this friend I had heard so much about and I fell in love him as his spirit was so loving. Ever time I'd go see Mikey at school his friend would always make it a point to say hi. When Mikey and dad when to get supper this evening Mike told me Mikey was crying on the way because he said he missed his friend already. We understand as parents these things happen at times but for them their friends are their world. My poor daddy is learning already friends may come and go.....

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Shopping trips for 11/16 & 11/19

Here are two pictures of grocery shopping trips this week. One of my trips was Sunday the other was tonight. My totals for these trips were around $72.00 and I got about 65 items. If I say so I don't think this too bad. I can give exact amounts tomorrow but I wanted to post it tonight. (sometimes I get a little impatient)


Okay, I decided to go ahead at list everything that was purchased. 

2 cases of water
3 bx of Hot Coco
5 2ltrs of soda
2 btls of juice
3 bxs of pancake mix
3 cns of munchies (I think that's what they are called) 
1 loaf of bread
8 bars of soap 
1 pkg of meat
1 cartoon of eggs
16 bxs of Ziploc bags
1 pkg of sausage links
4 pkgs of paper plates
2 bxs of pretzels
2 pkg of bagels
8 bxs of popcorn
6 cns of peanuts
1 pkg of lunch meat
1 cartoon of Almond milk
1 pkg of corn dogs

I think that's everything. If you average the items bought for the price I paid about $1.00 for each item. Do you still think couponing doesn't work?  

PS. I know the second picture isn't really good, I had to use what I had though :) 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Goals for 11/17

   Ok it's GOAL MONDAY!!Last week I didn't write my goals and I apologize. It was a bit busy last week but with the holidays around the corner isn't it always busy this time of the year? But hey that no excuse right? So lets get this going and get our goals together! Please join in and post your goals so we can support each other.

Weekly goals
1) Workout 3x this week (even if one has to be at home)
2) Start shopping for Thanksgiving
3) Meal plan, meal plan, meal plan
4) Clip coupons

Continue to focus on me
Declutter/ reorganize (how many of you have this same goal?)

So that's it for me, cant wait to see yours!!!

Monday, November 10, 2014

  When I write I write about what's going in my/ our lives, that's what I know. When I speak with one of my friends we have so much in common partially because we are both stay at home moms & Geminis! I talk to another one of my girls and we have a lot of similarities too. The similarities are different though. From this I realized most women are primarily the same. We mostly want the same thing out of a man, we have the same goals, same issues in marriage, etc. We handle our situations in our own way but are wants are extremely similar. When it comes to our kids mama bear comes out, discipline some similarities but the age range various from 1 1/2 to 14. As you can see we are all at different stages.  
   Now when we speak about our relationships its a whole different ball game. We all want a faithful man, some of our men have more leeway then others though. As women when we speak our emotions tend to come out so our conversations don't always go the way we'd like them too. Some of us are working on that others not so much, lol. There is nothing wrong with that but don't get mad when your man speaks to you in the same manner. Helping around the house, this is a big one! Regardless of the woman's position we want more help at home and for a man to take on some of the stress we have.
  Most women are Superwomen! I say most because I know some females have it very easy at home. That's going to have to be a different post! When I speak on stress we don't want are men stressed out but as a female are always thinking of our to-do list. Men, they can come home eat, sit, watch TV, go to bed and be ok. So I'm going to speak for me now; I want to have equal responsibilities. This may mean to have a schedule so we can be on the same page and no one does more then the other. If you stay at home or not most women do more. 
   Marriage/ Relationship. We want attention! Turn the tv off, put your phone/remote down, sit next to me look at me and lets talk. Hey when kids are around most of the time your conversation will be rushed. If you have kids, you know what I'm talking about. There will be a kid getting into something, looking/ bothering the other one, not sharing, making a mess, etc etc, no need to go on and on. Wait maybe that's just my household, lol.
   Regardless of your age, financial status, relationship status, household status it's not always greener on the other side. We get fed up with our spouses and most people now a days look towards divorce, and it's not always the answer. The women that inspired this post aren't the same age, they have different ethnicity and careers. Don't ever think no one understands you or don't let your man think you are asking for too much. There are so many women that are want the same thing, the solution; find a man that respects and loves you and pick your battles :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

GOD is Good

I sound like a broken record but I can't help it. God is awesome!!! He has blessed us this week in a way only he can. We watched some of Joel Olsten's service this weekend and he explained when you send praises up God will shower you with blessings. 

Words are a powerful weapon please them wisely! 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

To like or not to like???

   Support - Give approval, comfort, or encouragement too. 

 Are there some people in your circle that don't give you support? It can be family, a close friend or friends. Sometimes the ones we expect to support us 100% they don't. Why is it a "stranger" can "like",  "follow",  listen or look but the ones that are suppose to matter the most don't? Is it jealousy at its finest? What emotions do you experience? 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Goals for week of 10/20

   We made it to church on Sunday even though I didn't wake up feeling 100% I made. After church I was done. We stopped got me medicine and I went to sleep about 12:30 until 6:30 pm. Now to today, still not feeling good but I pushed through. The life of a stay at home mom, no days off!

Weekly goals
1) Try to get a workout buddy
2) Workout once this week 
3) Get caught up on my couponing (I haven't clipped my coupons for about 2/ 3mnth! Yikes) 
4) Start looking for items needed for Halloween costumes
5) Go to church

3)Stick to what works!
4) Meal plan every week

Monday, October 13, 2014

Goals for week of 10/13

So we didn't get our tent this weekend but we did today. And Sunday we made it to church!!! 
Last weeks goals met. 

This week my goal is to make it everywhere on time! 

Yes I have problems making it places when I'm suppose to. I try not to be more then 10 minutes late though. I've gotten a lot better over the years but with lil man it can be a real struggle. He can be a mommas' boy & requires a ton load of attention so walking out the door can take up to 30 minutes for me. You may be laughing but it's happen to me, no lie! This week I/we have a PTA meeting, field trip & campout. Yep, it's a busy week for me. Really excited though for my daddy this week, he gets two 1st in one week. Oh almost forgot I got to get our lunch for the field trip. What are some of your plans this week? 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Goals for week of 10/6

Goal time...

I actually wrote these out on Monday & never posted, my apologies. Yes, I know it's Thursday by I still wanted to share :)

My goals are going to be the same from last week since I wasn't able to accomplish them.
1) Get a tent by Friday
2) Go to church 

We were going to buy the tent on Saturday but unfortunate my plans had to change. We also missed church, it's ok, we'll be Sunday!! Next week will have more goals. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Goals for week of 10/1

I know its late but here are my goals from last week. 

It's October 1st and I'm ready to get back to me. I haven't focused on me in a while due to some personal issues & excuses! But, no more. I have a weight goal in mind & a few other goals I need to bring to the for front. With the New Year right around the corner it's time to get started. So with that said lets go.

1) go to Church
2) Buy a tent

1) Focus on me

1) Lose 30 lbs.
2)  Be & stay organized

Sunday, September 28, 2014

A few thoughts on Church

Looking for a church is not easy. Being in an interracial relationship with children I look for a few things. 
Here's my personal list
1) I need a multiracial church
2) Non-denominational 
3) Laid back setting
4) Children's church
I love The Lord but honestly I don't always feel like going to church. That's why I make it a weekly goal so no matter what, I know I need to go. (my accountability) We've been to a few churches and seen a few things. If you start learning personal things about a Pastor does it make you have a different view on them or can you separate the two? Honestly it's hard for me to do it. A Pastors role is extremely crucial & should be taken serious and not as a money maker! I'm coming to you as a spiritual adviser and you need to live right. Yes, I know their human but come on, lets be real! We are all held accountable and a sin is a sin but do you feel they should have some form of higher standards? I do. If someone is doing something illegal do you want them telling you to get yourself right? What if they don't treat their spouse right? What if they live a double life? We can go on and on here. How do you handle when there are things you feel just ain't right? I'm in that situation. I like our Pastor but there is a Pastor at the church that I just don't know about. I do question a few things he speaks about. Man are called but few are chosen (Mat 22:14) the Bible also speaks of false prophets. I'm left puzzled when around him and I don't like that feeling. I struggle with the "You can't judge someone only God can." I'm not trying to judge him but I'm confused based on his preaching and a few things in his personal life. I need to pray that God will give me the direction to go in because this is beyond me. What are your thoughts? 

Monday, September 22, 2014

Scripture vs Testimony

Grace- (in Christian belief) the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.
* a divinely given talent or blessing
* the condition or fact of being favored by someone

Hope- a feeling of expectation and desire for  a certain thing to happen

Faith- complete trust or confidence in someone or something

Mercy- compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm

I try not to use the word Hope as much as I can because I feel I should have more Faith then anything. I know we have our own personally relationships with God but I've never meet someone that is so far left field. At first I didn't know how to digest it, I was so mind blown. There are times I get hit with something that truly boggles my mind and speaking with this person gave me a boggling moment. When can be a Holy Roller or churchy but sometimes sharing your story is a blessing in it self. I don't consider myself churchy but sometimes just breaking it down and being real will create a greater impact then giving scriptures. Knowing the bible is amazing but I don't know it. I can't quote the bible to save my life. Do I need to study so I can learn, yeah I do. But sometimes you just need to listen. Don't listen to judge but listen to help. Don't go around saying,"I'm a Christian." but don't act like it. I'm far from perfect but everyday is a new day and you can only try. Nothing in life is easy and being a Christian is no different!

Goals for 9/22

My goals for last week were a little diverted but I still absolutely loved my week!

This week I would like to accomplish the below;
1) Pack up BudBud's pants to give away
2) Walk once this week
3) Make it to church on Sunday

Every month I want myself or us as a family to be a blessing. This week we accomplished it as a family and I did my part by being me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Child Discipline....

   We gonna talk about a big issue that's going on right now with Adrian Peterson, child discipline. We all discipline our children in different ways so who are we to say another parent is wrong in the way they do it? Personally, no I don't want you telling me nothing, point blank! They are my children, I take care of them, not you. My oldest is 5 and he's in the stage of questioning everything. We use to be able to tell him something 1 time and he would do it but now he do have to repeat ourselves. At 5 you are old enough to know right from wrong. Even younger then that you know right from wrong. My son knows if he doesn't listen there will be a consequences. There is nothing wrong in this. A spanking (whoopin, pop, etc) is one of his consequences we use. Do I think Adrian was wrong for whoopin his child, no I don't. Now did he take it a too far? This should be the question were asking and not questioning spanking. I'm sorry but I believe a child needs to have an ounce of fear in them for you. If they have fear then there will be respect in return. My saying is, " If they don't respect me as their mother or have respect for adults then there will be no respect for the law!" If there is no respect for the law then what are the chances they are going to stay on the straight line? I don't know the answer but I don't want my kids to give it to us either. What forms of discipline work in your home & with what age? What our your thoughts about Adrian? 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Goals for 9/15....

It's Monday and you know what that mean, GOAL WRITING time!!!

1) Continue walking this week.
2) Go through BudBud's old clothes to pack them up and give away. (being a blessing)

1) Learn all feats on my social media accounts.
2) Write twice a week.
3) Go to church every Sunday. (Not allowing any distraction to take over our emotions)

I try not to overwhelm my plate especially with the weekly goals so I prioritize. Little BudBud doesn't always help getting goals accomplished so we take one day at a time.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

It's Sunday and we are getting ready for another week, we had an amazing weekend though. Friday we went out to Grapefest which has become a tradition for us, lol. Grandma treated us for the night. We had funnel cake, fried potatoes and corn dogs! Everything we didn't need! The kids had a blast playing around though. Saturday dad ran a 5k and we were there to support him. Hopefully I can get in on one too and run it, a wish right now. Today we made it out to church which felt great. The past three Sunday's we haven't made it to where we normally go so being at "home" we were back to comfort. Mikey cried when we picked him up from his class as he wasn't ready to leave. It's indescribably the feeling to have a child that loves going to church, and it melts your heart when your children are missed in their classes.  We wrapped up our Sunday by going to the park and picking dinner up. Our babies were exhausted so we laid them down early, yippee! No resting for mom as I've been busy getting work done. Unfortunately night time is the only time I have for myself  but being productive always feels good. :) 

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Staying motivated...

  Biggest Loser premiers tonight yes! Biggest Loser & Extreme Makeover are shows I absolutely love to watch. They  show reality! For some being healthy is easy others (like me) not some much. Some people starve them selves, some workout, some watch what they eat. I don't starve, let me tell you, lol. Working out combined with good eating habits will take you far. My hubby & I also use Herbalife which helps out too. I say it all the time, everybody has to find their own motivation! You can fall but you have to get back up. Everyday is a new start, never give up on yourself! 

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


  What are thoughts? Do you believe in blessings or do you see it as luck? Is it having a drive for something and your hard work paying off? I believe our answer will be based on your faith,  let me explain. Not everyone's belief in God is the same so if you don't believe in God I would say your answer will be, "I work hard so this is why I have what I have." Maybe if you've known God but have drifted away or have just denied him it may be,"  I'm lucky!" When you believe in God you'll say," I'm blessed." These are just my opinions so please don't bash me.  There's also the people that say, "We're blessed!", but don't necessarily live the lifestyle even though they know God.  What's your view? Luck, right place at the right time, blessing, hard work, etc?
  So many things to talk about.... Negative but true, positive, gossip, motivating, uplifting, drama etc etc. Do you like getting all the juicy details or would you rather not know? Do you watch the news to know what's going on? Is there a radio show or tv personality that is your go to? What about your social media news? Do you have to be in the know at all times?
  Personally watching the news isn't always my cup of tea. They are their to pass information along but most of the time I seem to start worrying about something new! Is this only me? With phones now you don't need the news, FB can replace news. With apps you can check your weather, traffic, have music and so on. ( too many things to name)
  Now, with all that we have do you feel as if we are losing touch with society? I don't need to call anyone I can just look at FB, to learn more about them you can follow them on Instagram or Pintrest. I don't remember most peoples numbers or email address because there are so many others ways to get in contact with people. Are you obsessed with your phone so you can stay in "touch"? I'll say this when I don't have my phone I feel "naked", yikes, lol! I know I'm not the only one, lol,  lets be honest :) Or are you ok to be out of touch so you can just enjoy life?

Monday, September 8, 2014

  This is our 3rd week of school and Mikey is still excited. Last Thursday we had Information Night and it was interesting. The teachers went over how the Dual-Language program will work and how students are graded. The 1st week of school all children were assessed and we were advised Mikey has a reading & comprehension level of a mid year 1st grader. Due to this he was able to start participating in both classes. Children have Social Studies in Spanish and when they are in Spanish class they are required to speak to their teacher in only Spanish. I think it's a little harsh but on the other hand I understand pushing a child. If I didn't push Mikey he wouldn't be where he's at now! The children are in groups in their main class and have "buddies" in Spanish class. If they don't know how to communicate in Spanish class they are instructed to ask their buddy. Mikey is not necessarily excited about it so we have to work on that, lol. Right now he loves Monday's as its library day and he keeps talking about the chickens the school is getting.
  Are morning routines are pretty good but Mikey is getting a little slow with his wake up. He is not really morning person. He got that from me, hehe.  Shhh, don't tell no one. I'm starting to become a morning person and I don't like it!
  What are some of the things going on in your childs school? Do you do PTA or do you volunteer? Is your child liking school so far?

Goals for 9/8

Alright here are the goals: 

Weekly Goals 
1) Start walking
2) Continue working on schedule (balance of Mikey in school, workout schedule, cleaning, etc)
3) Go to church on Sunday

Monthly Goals 
1) I still need to lose 5 lbs for the month of September ( I gained 2 lbs in the last two weeks but I still want to get out of this weight loss runt)
2) Work on prayer life
3) Be a blessing 

I don't have many goals this time but I know this will change by next month. Since Mikey started school it has been a big change. Last week also didn't go as planned and I'm still coping with that. 

Let me know your goals and lets support each other. 
It's Monday!!! What are your plans for the week? I had goals every week & I got away from that but I'm gonna get back on it, so goals will be posted today. Get you goals ready... 

Friday, September 5, 2014

Launch Off..

 Today is the day I bring this blog of life. I'm extremely excited, nervous, and just full of emotions.  When you put yourself out there you open a big door. Keeping this to myself is safe as I'm the only one that views it. On FB I was putting my weight loss, monthly & weekly goals. Personally I would say that I've motivated people but I want to do it on a grander scale! I'm imperfect but I want to help others get through whatever they're going through. If I can help someone laugh through their moment by laughing at me, it's ok. Don't expect me to always be proper, spell correctly, be politically correct or anything in that sense as its not me. My blog name is very simple but its real. This is going to be about my life so even though it may not be catchy it will be me being me. Jump on the bandwagon and hold on :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day of school

     Today was the first day of school and least to say it was emotional. We set out his clothes, shoes, back pack & set his alarm. Yes I set up an alarm  in his room and taught him how to turn it off and on. As the alarm woke me up I in turn had to wake him. He set up and slowly made it out his bed to turn it off. Then his light bulb went off, " I have to go to school!" "Yes baby you do, go to the restroom & wash up". He eats breakfast then I explain to get dress,  I've never seen him get dress so fast, lol. We walk out the door on time and make it to the school then he asked me if he could walk by himself. Is he crazy? This momma ain't letting that happen, he's been leading the way though. He does need to learn how to get to class by himself since your only allowed to walk them the first week! We almost went the wrong way with his direction so momma had to step in. Momma was still holding it strong but once we made it to class, that was it. It hit me, I started crying while telling him how proud of him I was, the fact I was gonna miss him & that he was going to have a great day. I gave him a hug & kiss but then he didn't want to walk into class which hurt me as I felt I was leaving him. He clinches me hand and says no, I look into his eyes and tell my baby that's it going to be ok. He turns, walks into class & gets his instructions from his teacher. Backpack goes up a few pics taken and mom and dad are out the door. He's baby brother is extremely attached to him so not only did I know it would be hard on me  as I've spent 3 1/2 yrs of his 5 yrs of life with him every single day his brother was going to miss him tremendously. We take Budbud (little brother) out the stroller & he starts walking towards the school on the path we used. I bring him back to the car put him down and there he goes again. I stopped crying before we left  Mikey but seeing Budbud longing for his brother only broke my heart again to see him begin crying for his best friend, he's all he knows. Before we knew it, it was 11:45 and time to get Mikey so I didn't have enough hours to really miss him. I also had phone calls to make so overall today was a good day.
     After school we went back up there for Mikey's assessment and he did awesome. By the end of kindergarten he should be at a 4/5 reading/comprehension level  but he's at a 10, that's mid year 1st grade level! I was speechless. All the hard work I spent with him payed off. A new chapter started today that I didn't necessarily want but seeing my son happy & confident in himself has eased this transition. Before going to sleep he says," Mom tomorrow's by 2nd day of school!" Lol, my daddy. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Meet the teacher.....

   Today was meet the teacher day & my son was extremely excited! He marched right up to the school with his backpack on full of his supplies and his bulk pack of paper towels in his hands. As he lead the way we could only see him as an independent young man. The school process has been extremely hard/ unbearable for me as I'm so attached to my children. Sometimes I need a break as who wouldn't but to let him go to school it's a part of letting go. He walked in with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle  backpack on proud as he could be of himself and that's when the bitter/ sweet kicked in. As I've taught him to be independent there's also a part of you where you still want him to want you. He spoke with to his teacher, put  up his supplies & met the teachers pet. ( A turtle names Michelangelo. Go figure, that's his favorite one!) I was impressed with him. 
     For a long time he wouldn't speak to any unfamiliar face. Now as long as we are with him, he's getting better. Taking him to the gym, children's church & his speech therapist  has helped him tremendously. He's been in therapy for 3 1/2 years and it's been a journey. We are so internally grateful to his therapist there are no words for what she's done & she will never understand how we love her. Because she was able to make him feel comfortable and show extreme patients he has blossomed in his speaking. Believe you me, he's a talker! Lol. I wonder where he gets that from cause I have NO idea ;) My hubby & I were speaking on how God has given him this excitement and confidence to go to school two weeks before. In Gods way it's him telling me more then anyone that my son is protected with his Grace. 
 Not that I don't believe because I do but it has to sink into my heart. Someone I know the other day posted that their son left in the wee hours to move with their dad and she had no idea what was going on. I can only imagine the hurt she felt as I would want that on no one and my son is just going to school! Sunday we will be closing a chapter & starting a new one first thing Monday morning. I'm not quite ready but it will be here in four days so I have no choice. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hairdresser anyone?

Do you want a new look? I've found a great hairdresser that will give you some extra "sparkle". He does it with little effort & it doesn't take long to make the sparkle come out. He's usually busy running around but I'm sure he can work something out. There are only a few openings in the morning & late afternoon. Get in while you can! He's only been doing hair for a couple of months but that doesn't stop him!

Please review his qualifications;
On point
Very cute ;)

 Oh and the best part is, he's free, yes I said FREE! His name is Makai & would love for you to come see him & give you those Grays, sorry I meant Sparkles. I don't want to be selfish and keep him all to myself, that would just be rude of me. I know you'd love some Grey in your hair! ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Google vs Wordpress

How's everyone on Google doing? I was using Wordpress and decided to try Blogger so this see how this works. What are some of the pro's and con's you've found? What I did enjoy with Wordpress it was easy to locate your blog online, with Google not so much! All I'd have to do was enter my blog's name and it would immediately come up. Google is easier when it comes to set up though & that's what drive me here. Let me know what you think. Thanks

Saturday, May 10, 2014


There is a saying that I've heard in church & it's "God is good all the time & all the time God is good!" I call myself a Christian as I do believe in God & his promises. He has been there for me during some tough times in my life & has always proven himself to me. I know some people may not believe in him but I do. If you stay faithful, believe & put him 1st in your life you will see him all around. I've posted about being a one income family and things I do to help us get by but it's GOD! He has our backs! We are human so we may not always pray as our first reaction, we may lose patients or not always follow his commandments but if you go back to him he will always welcome you with open arms. Pray (talk) to him about your goals & dreams then keep your eyes open. You never know when an opportunity will arise, he never fails. When the clouds begin to darken & your visibility diminishes he will show you the light that will only grow until it blinds you. Don't look at the upcoming storm as a problem but as a puzzle. We have to figure our way out but using God as a picture. When solving a puzzle you leave the box near you to look at the picture as your guide. You can say we have no owners manual to life but we do, it's the bible. This is another gift God has given to us. Tomorrow is Mothers Day & I can't be more excited. God has blessed us with two beautiful smart boys that will be dedicated together. Thank you for keeping us in your mist Lord.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Living on one income

I've said this before but still haven't done it. I need to start putting my thoughts on my blog & not all over Facebook. Please tell me I'm not the only one that does this. So here it goes.

          I read an article which described the realiaty of being a stay at home parent and it was amazing. When someone hears, " I'm a stay at home mom.", they automatically thinks it's peaches & cream. Guess what it's not! There are days I have everything in a babies world on my clothes and I don't want my husband getting near me. Even though he's nice about it I know I smell, lol. Staying at home is not easy and it's not for everyone but it has always been something I wanted to do. No, we don't have everything but we have what we need. We don't have a flat screen tv, cable, laptop, name brand items or even two cars but we have two children that get to see their parents more than 2 hrs a day. Our toddler gets a home cooked meal and gets an at home education. (He's not in school yet but he can still learn) We talk about moments with our children being priceless but what about being the parent? The sacrifices we make should also be viewed as priceless. I price match, coupon & I'm constantly on the look out for sales to get everything we need. Yes, I may have to stay up late or get up early to complete my task but I do it so I can be with my children. We make the decision to be selfless to create what we see in our eyes as precious/priceless memories & build a strong bond with our children! Kudos to all families that make the choice to have a stay at home parent!!!  




Friday, January 3, 2014


    It's 2014! No, I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to in 2013 but it's ok. I'm human (imperfect)! I did begun my decluttering which I'm proud of. New year so new goals.  With one child starting to crawl/walk and another one going to start Kindergarten this August I know it's going to be an exciting year. My "babies" make my world go round. I'm not ready for these changes but I haven't created the anti-growth pill so I don't have many options here. 

I enjoy seeing the growth, maturity, & independence they both gain daily but as any parent I don't want them to grow up. It saddens me as I see this but I also have a great sense of accomplishment. Being a stay at home mom is no walk in the park as there are no sick or play hooky days. But, the bonding you create with your children are priceless and I wouldn't trade it for nothing :)