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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a bit about myself. First I'm a wife then a mother of two (a 5 & 1yr old). I love to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions really just about everything, lol! I want to be a positive motivation by sharing what I go through. You never know what I'll post, believe me, sometimes I blow my own mind. Having children = never a dull moment. Through it all I try to take one day at time remembering to keep breathing through it all :)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First day of school

     Today was the first day of school and least to say it was emotional. We set out his clothes, shoes, back pack & set his alarm. Yes I set up an alarm  in his room and taught him how to turn it off and on. As the alarm woke me up I in turn had to wake him. He set up and slowly made it out his bed to turn it off. Then his light bulb went off, " I have to go to school!" "Yes baby you do, go to the restroom & wash up". He eats breakfast then I explain to get dress,  I've never seen him get dress so fast, lol. We walk out the door on time and make it to the school then he asked me if he could walk by himself. Is he crazy? This momma ain't letting that happen, he's been leading the way though. He does need to learn how to get to class by himself since your only allowed to walk them the first week! We almost went the wrong way with his direction so momma had to step in. Momma was still holding it strong but once we made it to class, that was it. It hit me, I started crying while telling him how proud of him I was, the fact I was gonna miss him & that he was going to have a great day. I gave him a hug & kiss but then he didn't want to walk into class which hurt me as I felt I was leaving him. He clinches me hand and says no, I look into his eyes and tell my baby that's it going to be ok. He turns, walks into class & gets his instructions from his teacher. Backpack goes up a few pics taken and mom and dad are out the door. He's baby brother is extremely attached to him so not only did I know it would be hard on me  as I've spent 3 1/2 yrs of his 5 yrs of life with him every single day his brother was going to miss him tremendously. We take Budbud (little brother) out the stroller & he starts walking towards the school on the path we used. I bring him back to the car put him down and there he goes again. I stopped crying before we left  Mikey but seeing Budbud longing for his brother only broke my heart again to see him begin crying for his best friend, he's all he knows. Before we knew it, it was 11:45 and time to get Mikey so I didn't have enough hours to really miss him. I also had phone calls to make so overall today was a good day.
     After school we went back up there for Mikey's assessment and he did awesome. By the end of kindergarten he should be at a 4/5 reading/comprehension level  but he's at a 10, that's mid year 1st grade level! I was speechless. All the hard work I spent with him payed off. A new chapter started today that I didn't necessarily want but seeing my son happy & confident in himself has eased this transition. Before going to sleep he says," Mom tomorrow's by 2nd day of school!" Lol, my daddy. 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Meet the teacher.....

   Today was meet the teacher day & my son was extremely excited! He marched right up to the school with his backpack on full of his supplies and his bulk pack of paper towels in his hands. As he lead the way we could only see him as an independent young man. The school process has been extremely hard/ unbearable for me as I'm so attached to my children. Sometimes I need a break as who wouldn't but to let him go to school it's a part of letting go. He walked in with his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle  backpack on proud as he could be of himself and that's when the bitter/ sweet kicked in. As I've taught him to be independent there's also a part of you where you still want him to want you. He spoke with to his teacher, put  up his supplies & met the teachers pet. ( A turtle names Michelangelo. Go figure, that's his favorite one!) I was impressed with him. 
     For a long time he wouldn't speak to any unfamiliar face. Now as long as we are with him, he's getting better. Taking him to the gym, children's church & his speech therapist  has helped him tremendously. He's been in therapy for 3 1/2 years and it's been a journey. We are so internally grateful to his therapist there are no words for what she's done & she will never understand how we love her. Because she was able to make him feel comfortable and show extreme patients he has blossomed in his speaking. Believe you me, he's a talker! Lol. I wonder where he gets that from cause I have NO idea ;) My hubby & I were speaking on how God has given him this excitement and confidence to go to school two weeks before. In Gods way it's him telling me more then anyone that my son is protected with his Grace. 
 Not that I don't believe because I do but it has to sink into my heart. Someone I know the other day posted that their son left in the wee hours to move with their dad and she had no idea what was going on. I can only imagine the hurt she felt as I would want that on no one and my son is just going to school! Sunday we will be closing a chapter & starting a new one first thing Monday morning. I'm not quite ready but it will be here in four days so I have no choice. I'll let you know how it goes. 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Hairdresser anyone?

Do you want a new look? I've found a great hairdresser that will give you some extra "sparkle". He does it with little effort & it doesn't take long to make the sparkle come out. He's usually busy running around but I'm sure he can work something out. There are only a few openings in the morning & late afternoon. Get in while you can! He's only been doing hair for a couple of months but that doesn't stop him!

Please review his qualifications;
On point
Very cute ;)

 Oh and the best part is, he's free, yes I said FREE! His name is Makai & would love for you to come see him & give you those Grays, sorry I meant Sparkles. I don't want to be selfish and keep him all to myself, that would just be rude of me. I know you'd love some Grey in your hair! ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Google vs Wordpress

How's everyone on Google doing? I was using Wordpress and decided to try Blogger so this see how this works. What are some of the pro's and con's you've found? What I did enjoy with Wordpress it was easy to locate your blog online, with Google not so much! All I'd have to do was enter my blog's name and it would immediately come up. Google is easier when it comes to set up though & that's what drive me here. Let me know what you think. Thanks