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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a bit about myself. First I'm a wife then a mother of two (a 5 & 1yr old). I love to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions really just about everything, lol! I want to be a positive motivation by sharing what I go through. You never know what I'll post, believe me, sometimes I blow my own mind. Having children = never a dull moment. Through it all I try to take one day at time remembering to keep breathing through it all :)

Thursday, January 14, 2016

MLK... in 1st grade.

   Today my son came home and and after doing home work starts playing like nothing. Then out of the blue he starts explaining what he learned today. I was excited because normally I get, " I don't remember." So my ears got big just waiting hear what my baby had to say. Then it began, he starts to tell me about Martin Luther King Jr. & Rosa Parks. For a moment I got upset then my emotions turned to pain. I couldn't show it but all I wanted to do was hold my baby and tell him I was sorry.

   I know it may sound weird but as he was explaining and using words like white, black, jail, bus, and shot how could I not feel pain for him. Not just for him but both of my boys! We (as society) have come a long way but we haven't come full circle. There is still racism and prejudice. I know this is something my kids will learn about but I've tried to postpone it. I haven't taught my kids color because I don't want to taint them.

   I remember when I was pregnant we took him to a sibling class and we got a coloring page that had a family on it. I believe he colored it about a year old ago and when he colored it dad was black, I was yellow/peach & his brother and him were brown. He still colors us that way now, lol, I'm usually peach. Once while playing I spy, he said he spied something brown and it was his brother, lol. Kids!

  But back to what I started with. When I asked him if he thought what they (Martin Luther King and Rosa Parks) did was wrong and if they were bad people, he proudly said, "No!" I was proud of him. From the little he learned he understood that what these people did was for the good. As he gets older I know questions will come and there may be some uncomfortable discussions but they'll be necessary. My little BudBud will learn a lot sooner then I'd like but he is his brother's chicle! (Chicle is Spanish for gum.)

   I can only teach them to treat people with love and respect but ultimately it's up to him/them.  I can only pray my children keep God in their heart and be the examples God wants us to be.


Thursday, January 7, 2016

I watched the below video and as I was taping a book that my son tore it hit me.

(Please watch video prior to reading the post) 


 As children we believe, trust & love our parents unconditionally! Even when are parents do wrong as children we don't always know it's wrong until we're told it is. As adults that's when we start making the choice to continue the relationship or not. Regardless of what some parents do their child/children always love them, right? 

Think about it. We are always there for them when they need us. We still think about them. We still love them. No, we may not always like their decisions but we still love them. They are human so in turn then they are imperfect, right? 

Now let's think about this. What is God to us? Yes, I said us. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Is he not our Heavenly Father? Why can't we love him unconditionally? Why can't we believe what he tells us? Why do we choose to question him? Why do we get mad at him and stop going to him? (Praying)  Why can't we stay on Faith St. when his word has been proven over and over again?

If you're a parent what does your child have to do to you that will make you turn your back on him/her? Like I tell me oldest now, "Always be honest with me even though I may get mad". I may get upset, be disappointed, or embarrassed but at the end of the day he's still me son and I will always love and be there for him.

What do you think you can do that will make God stop loving you and make him go back on his word. Remember, he's not like us. He's not human, he perfect. It is us that are imperfect. So what he can do we can't! For us forgiveness and letting things go can be the hardest things we do. Not for him though. Stay on Faith St. and continue asking and believing in his word!!   

Monday, January 4, 2016

My 2016 goal....

   So it's the new year and most people make New Years resolutions. So did you? I did! Maybe not really a resolution but I've made my year goal. Before we go any further I'd like to start off my saying that I don't like selfish people but everything I'm about to say is going to sounds exactly like what I don't like. So I apologize in advance but my blog is called Just Being Priss and I'm about to be just Priss! 
   So first and for most I'd like to start off by saying that as a women we've already begun having a lot on your plate! No I'm not a feminist okay maybe a little bit but hear me out. Due to having only one car I drop off my son & husband every morning. So every morning I start off my day by driving about 40 minutes. From there I never really know where my day is going to take me. My son has speech therapy so everything has to be scheduled around that. And just like you having to take your children or yourself to the doctor, I'm making doctor appointments, keeping tabs on referrals, making sure my babies don't run out of medicine and everything else that comes with health. I'm taking care of the home and trying to balance parenthood and personal time. Since I don't work (outside the home) I don't care about getting my hair done, buying clothes or anything like that! The last time I got a pedicure was in February and its been about a year since I've gotten my haircut by someone professional! Well, can I consider myself a professional since I've done it a few times? Yeah your right I can't, booooo! When I do buy myself something it's usually something small & basic. I always put my family first and extended myself to the max. I'm involved in PTA & my sons DI team. I'll stay up as long as I as I have to, to get what I need done and sleep a few hours and get up and do it again. Here comes a little TMI so you may want to skip through, I'll understand. Sometimes I'm in such a rush I forget to put on deodorant! I end up going the whole day until I remember, thank God I don't get smelly fast! Most of the times my toes aren't done, no biggie right? Well I use to have my feet done all the time. That's one body part that I  love and I use to take pride in them, yeah not so much anymore. Hair, do we need to talk about this? Probably not but I am. My hair is always in a pony tail with my baby hair sticking out. Baby hair no real big issue, but I have a hard time taming them. The problem is I love having my hair straight, that's when I feel good about myself. 
   With all that said I go back to my resolution. I want to put myself first! I want to be a tad bit selfish. I want to balance parenthood, my job (our home) and taking care of myself like I took care of myself before kids. Do I see this as wrong, no I don't! I need to be confident in myself and a simple thing as having my toes done and my hair straightened will do it for me. I'm not high maintenance, actually I see myself as simple. I love simple though so this works for me. It may not work for you but that's you and this is me. Call me selfish and for right now I'm okay with that!Why, because this is my goal! This is for me and for once I need to take a little more time out of the day to be concerned for myself :) 

What is your goal/ resolution this year?