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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a bit about myself. First I'm a wife then a mother of two (a 5 & 1yr old). I love to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions really just about everything, lol! I want to be a positive motivation by sharing what I go through. You never know what I'll post, believe me, sometimes I blow my own mind. Having children = never a dull moment. Through it all I try to take one day at time remembering to keep breathing through it all :)
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

I watched the below video and as I was taping a book that my son tore it hit me.

(Please watch video prior to reading the post) 


 As children we believe, trust & love our parents unconditionally! Even when are parents do wrong as children we don't always know it's wrong until we're told it is. As adults that's when we start making the choice to continue the relationship or not. Regardless of what some parents do their child/children always love them, right? 

Think about it. We are always there for them when they need us. We still think about them. We still love them. No, we may not always like their decisions but we still love them. They are human so in turn then they are imperfect, right? 

Now let's think about this. What is God to us? Yes, I said us. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Is he not our Heavenly Father? Why can't we love him unconditionally? Why can't we believe what he tells us? Why do we choose to question him? Why do we get mad at him and stop going to him? (Praying)  Why can't we stay on Faith St. when his word has been proven over and over again?

If you're a parent what does your child have to do to you that will make you turn your back on him/her? Like I tell me oldest now, "Always be honest with me even though I may get mad". I may get upset, be disappointed, or embarrassed but at the end of the day he's still me son and I will always love and be there for him.

What do you think you can do that will make God stop loving you and make him go back on his word. Remember, he's not like us. He's not human, he perfect. It is us that are imperfect. So what he can do we can't! For us forgiveness and letting things go can be the hardest things we do. Not for him though. Stay on Faith St. and continue asking and believing in his word!!