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Hi everyone, thank you for visiting my blog! Let me tell you a bit about myself. First I'm a wife then a mother of two (a 5 & 1yr old). I love to share my experiences, thoughts, ideas, questions really just about everything, lol! I want to be a positive motivation by sharing what I go through. You never know what I'll post, believe me, sometimes I blow my own mind. Having children = never a dull moment. Through it all I try to take one day at time remembering to keep breathing through it all :)
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Thursday, January 7, 2016

I watched the below video and as I was taping a book that my son tore it hit me.

(Please watch video prior to reading the post) 


 As children we believe, trust & love our parents unconditionally! Even when are parents do wrong as children we don't always know it's wrong until we're told it is. As adults that's when we start making the choice to continue the relationship or not. Regardless of what some parents do their child/children always love them, right? 

Think about it. We are always there for them when they need us. We still think about them. We still love them. No, we may not always like their decisions but we still love them. They are human so in turn then they are imperfect, right? 

Now let's think about this. What is God to us? Yes, I said us. We are all brothers and sisters in Christ. Is he not our Heavenly Father? Why can't we love him unconditionally? Why can't we believe what he tells us? Why do we choose to question him? Why do we get mad at him and stop going to him? (Praying)  Why can't we stay on Faith St. when his word has been proven over and over again?

If you're a parent what does your child have to do to you that will make you turn your back on him/her? Like I tell me oldest now, "Always be honest with me even though I may get mad". I may get upset, be disappointed, or embarrassed but at the end of the day he's still me son and I will always love and be there for him.

What do you think you can do that will make God stop loving you and make him go back on his word. Remember, he's not like us. He's not human, he perfect. It is us that are imperfect. So what he can do we can't! For us forgiveness and letting things go can be the hardest things we do. Not for him though. Stay on Faith St. and continue asking and believing in his word!!   

Friday, November 27, 2015

What I was thankful for this Thanksgiving....

It's been aver 2 months since I've written anything and it seems longer then that. Time goes by way to fast! But, on to my post. Yesterday being Thanksgiving I wanted to write about being thankful.

I posted on Facebook yesterday that I was grateful for God and tonight I'd like to elaborate on it. When the holiday season comes around it's a time I consider working to get a little time away from the kids and for some extra income. My husband tells me it's up to me but I never make the step and put in an application. Yesterday shortly after noon it hit me. I could've been getting ready to work since most stores open on Thanksgiving for Black Friday. It brought tears to my eyes to think what God has done for us. He has given me a husband that supports me in the decision to stay home with our babies and be here for them. He works as much as he can to provide for us and even though at times we may struggle God always comes through right on time. We get blessed at the most unexpected times with the exact items we need. I mean wow, how amazing is that? He has blessed me with two amazing, healthy, loving kids. They drive me every day to be the best me I can me. I'm not perfect in anyway and I mess up on a daily basis but my family still loves me! How great is that feeling? He has blessed me with a mother that even though we may not always see eye to eye she is still here doing whatever she can do for my family. Some of you have everything I have and much more so you may not be able tor elate. Then others may not have what I have but only pray/ wish for them, don't give on your prayers! I may not be rich to society but I'm highly blessed from God and that's more important to me. He has given all of us so much and I'm not just speaking about my family. I'm speaking of you and your family too.

Let's not forget what we have on a daily basis as it can be taken from us in a blink of an eye. Don't forget your blessings and lets give thanks to our almighty God! 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Those pesky things are children do...

   Now this may be only my children but I doubt it. Okay, I really don't know but I'm hoping you can relate! My children seem to have the habits I dislike the most from my hubby! I mean seriously, they do. At first I was like, "Oh wow they do ____ just like you!" Or it was "Oh my goodness ____ just ____ like you!" Some of those "things" annoy me like no other but others I think it's just adorable. The mixed feelings are crazy though. Some stuff my children see their dad do or hear their dad say but others they don't. So this had me thinking," Where do they get this from?" Right. Have you ever asked yourself the same thing?

But..... No matter what we still love them! The things that will drive you crazy, to argue, or just get under your skin from your spouse you don't take that serious from your children.

Then just a while ago it hit me like lighting... God designed marriage a certain way. Marriage is suppose to last forever, no divorce. (There are only a few exceptions.) So if we can get over what our children do that they inherited, why can't we get over the same things when our spouse does them? Love has no record of wrong, now it may only be me but boy do I remember.... (one of my flaws)

Just a thought....

Saturday, May 10, 2014


There is a saying that I've heard in church & it's "God is good all the time & all the time God is good!" I call myself a Christian as I do believe in God & his promises. He has been there for me during some tough times in my life & has always proven himself to me. I know some people may not believe in him but I do. If you stay faithful, believe & put him 1st in your life you will see him all around. I've posted about being a one income family and things I do to help us get by but it's GOD! He has our backs! We are human so we may not always pray as our first reaction, we may lose patients or not always follow his commandments but if you go back to him he will always welcome you with open arms. Pray (talk) to him about your goals & dreams then keep your eyes open. You never know when an opportunity will arise, he never fails. When the clouds begin to darken & your visibility diminishes he will show you the light that will only grow until it blinds you. Don't look at the upcoming storm as a problem but as a puzzle. We have to figure our way out but using God as a picture. When solving a puzzle you leave the box near you to look at the picture as your guide. You can say we have no owners manual to life but we do, it's the bible. This is another gift God has given to us. Tomorrow is Mothers Day & I can't be more excited. God has blessed us with two beautiful smart boys that will be dedicated together. Thank you for keeping us in your mist Lord.