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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Compassion Experience

Dolls she made out of mud.
If you've never heard of this you should check it out. I was scrolling through Facebook and saw this event was coming to my area so I decided we needed to check it out once I looked over the information. We talk to our oldest about how other kids can live but we all know that explaining something and seeing it are two different things! Here are a few pics. The first pictures are from the story of Yannely. A young girl sharing her story of poverty and her struggles from not having a dad to not being able to graduate school. The sacrifices her mother did to make her dreams come true. But through this sponsorship she found GOD, had a mentor and achieved her dreams!


Letters she would get from her sponsor. 
Her room
Her diploma. 

Yannely as an adult. 

His mother's Moonshine. 

Here are pics from the second story we saw. It was about a young boy named Jey who's mom sold liquor and illegal substances to make money. Due to an incident she wasn't unable to continue selling  these items which forced them to move with his grandmother. He spoke how 13( I think it was 13) people lived in one house, how the little ones got to sleep on the one mattress they had and the older ones just found a spot on the floor. He went to jail at the age of 9 but when released he found the Compassion program and how his life changed. As an adult he was unemployed and turned to what he knew, music! He spreads GOD word the way he knows how my being a Christian DJ. Here are his pics...     

The one mattress for everyone!

Food for 13 people. 


Both stories were truly remarkable and heart wrenching. Both stories were similar yet completely different. Seeing replicas of what they had, where they lived, how they lived, and hearing the story in their voice is what touches your heart. Both our kids went even though the youngest had no clue what was going on. (he's 2) Our oldest (6) was able to understand it a lot it better. *Side note* This is a sponsorship program which allows you to sponsor a child.

**Sorry for the pics, I was having trouble getting them on here correctly**

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